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BACKGROUND Anti-cancer potential of marine natural products such as polysaccharides represented therapeutic potential in oncological researches. In this study, total polysaccharide from brittle star [Ophiocoma erinaceus (O. erinaceus)] was extracted and chemopreventive efficacy of Persian Gulf brittle star polysaccharide was investigated in HeLa human(More)
The objective of this study is to determine risk factors causing increase in very low birth way (VLBW) neonatal mortality. The medical files of all neonates weighing ≤1500 g, born in Vali-e-Asr hospital (2001-2004) were studied. Two groups of neonates (living and dead) were compared up to the time of hospital discharge or death. A total of 317 neonates were(More)
BACKGROUND Anti-angiogenic therapy is a crucial step in cancer treatment. The discovery of new anti-angiogenic compounds from marine organisms has become an attractive concept in anti-cancer therapy. Because little data correlated to the pro- and anti-angiogenic efficacies of Ophiuroidea, which include brittle star, the current study was designed to explore(More)
Arthrogryposis-renal tubular dysfunction-cholestasis syndrome is a rare multisystem disorder, originally described in 1973 and to date only 62 patients have been reported. Herein, we reported on a neonate with arthrogryposis-renal tubular dysfunction-cholestasis syndrome presenting very early after birth. Recurrent febrile illnesses, failure to thrive,(More)
Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (Fe3O4 MNPs) are among the most useful metal nanoparticles for multiple applications across a broad spectrum in the biomedical field, including the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In previous work, we synthesized and characterized Fe3O4 MNPs using a simple, rapid, safe, efficient, one-step green method involving(More)
Administration of endotracheal surfactant is potentially the main treatment for neonates suffering from RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome), which is followed by mechanical ventilation. Late and severe complications may develop as a consequence of using mechanical ventilation. In this study, conventional methods for treatment of RDS are compared with(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to determine the prevalence of conjunctivitis and its bacteriological causes in neonates hospitalized in two hospitals in Iran and to evaluate the maternal and newborns' data in conjunctivitis cases. MATERIAL/METHODS All newborns presenting at Imam Khomeini and Vali-e-Asr hospitals (2001-2006) with clinical suspicion of(More)
OBJECTIVES Sea cucumber derived bioactive compound is considered efficient in treatment of bone disorders. This study was performed to evaluate the effect of this extract on differentiation of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (rBMMSc) into osteogenic lineage. MATERIALS AND METHODS Isolated rBMMSc were grown in DMEM supplemented with 10% FBS. The(More)
Sea cucumbers saponins are triterpenoid glycosides which exert beneficial biomedical effects. This study was performed to assess the effect of saponin extracted from sea cucumber Holothuria leucospilota (H. leucospilota) on maturation of mice oocytes and granulosa cells. The germinal vesicles oocytes were collected from 6-8 weeks old Naval Medical Research(More)
BACKGROUND Severe birth asphyxia (apgar < 7 at the 5th minute of birth) is recognized as a hearing loss risk factor by the joint committee on infant hearing (JCIH). About half of the newborns with hearing loss do not indicate any sign and risk factor at birth. Accordingly, the joint committee recommended performance of hearing screening test in 2000,(More)