Eladio Cardiel

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Angular measurements of knee joint are a key factor in orthoses design, actually is very important for human gait analysis in order to obtain a deep knowledge of the musculoskeletal system performance. Video-based motion analysis systems have been used as measurement tools to quantify the angle and movement of knee joint. Though this technique is good, it(More)
Pressure ulcers are skin injuries caused by long term exposition to high pressures on support points that interrupt blood circulation reducing the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. They mainly affect people with poor mobility that stay in seating position for long periods of time. In spite of the diversity of commercial prototypes of cushions,(More)
Most wheelchair users suffer physical, social and psychological health adverse consequences. In order to cope with these problems, orthosis and prosthesis have been developed in order to assist and provide a better quality life for these people. An active bilateral orthosis can support and induce bipedal locomotion for people with lower limb paralysis. The(More)
Hypoacusis on scholars has become not only a problem but also an indicator when attention disorders or misunderstood instructions from teachers are observed. A primary detection of hypoacusis, in particular in speech range, can help scholars, parents and teachers to improve or correct the learning process. A hypoacusis detector has been developed to be(More)
The distribution and release of pressure on ischial regions are two important parameters for evaluating the effectiveness of a cushion; especially the release of pressure over time on ischial tuberosities, which is significant for preventing pressure ulcers. The aim of this work is to evaluate the effect on interface pressure through the application of a(More)
The echocardiographic and haemodynamic findings with a patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM) and dynamic subpulmonary stenosis, without left ventricular gradient, are described. The echocardiogram shows not only asymmetric septal hypertrophy, systolic anterior movement of the anterior mitral leaflet, and midsystolic collapse of the(More)
Pressure ulcers are hazardous to people with diminished sensory and motor functions who remain in the same position for a long time. An important reason for the occurrence of pressure ulcers is the inability of wheelchair users to make postural changes by themselves with no appropriate method of pressure release. In this study, we researched the effects of(More)
The aim of this study is to analyze the generated pressure by the focusing of a shock wave and to verify that the focal point has the smallest width of the wavefront and the maximum pressure value. The study was achieved by simulation using the finite element method because it allows us to obtain a numerical solution at any point in the considered domain.(More)
Falls represent a problem associated with elderly. The percentage of people, 65 years and older, that fall and get a serious injury increases in a very fast way in those ages. A technique based on control theory criteria to evaluate stability in elderly was applied to real responses of human head movements when open-closed eyes stimuli were used. Head(More)
We present a non-invasive, in vivo and in situ study of proximal stomach (PS) distention based on electrical impedance measurements that could be used together with distal stomach (DS) motility measurements as a response to different boluses. Stomach motility has been reported in the literature, as a response to different boluses, under in vivo conditions.(More)