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We study the optical dynamics in complexes of aluminum nanoantennas coated with molecular J-aggregates and find that they provide an excellent platform for the formation of hybrid exciton-localized surface plasmons. Giant Rabi splitting of 0.4 eV, which corresponds to ∼10 fs energy transfer cycle, is observed in spectral transmittance. We show that the(More)
In search of Botrytis cinerea cell death-inducing proteins, we found a xyloglucanase (BcXYG1) that induced strong necrosis and a resistance response in dicot plants. Expression of the BcXYG1 gene was strongly induced during the first 12 h post inoculation, and analysis of disease dynamics using PathTrack showed that a B. cinerea strain overexpressing BcXYG1(More)
We use femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy to study the temporal dynamics of strongly coupled exciton-plasmon polaritons in metasurfaces of aluminum nanoantennas coated with J-aggregate molecules. Compared with the thermal nonlinearities of aluminum nanoantennas, the exciton-plasmon hybridization introduces strong ultrafast nonlinearities in the(More)
We demonstrate experimentally the use of ordered arrays of nanoantennas for polarization controlled plasmonic beam shaping and excitation. Rod- and cross-shaped nanoantennas are used as local point-like sources of surface plasmon polaritons, and the desired phase of the generated plasmonic beam is set directly through their spatial arrangement. The(More)
Apoptosis-like programmed cell death (A-PCD) is a universal process common to all types of eukaryotic organisms. Because A-PCD-associated processes are conserved, it is possible to define A-PCD by a standard set of markers. Many of the popular methods to measure A-PCD make use of fluorescent ligands that change in intensity or cellular localization during(More)
The measurement of disease development is integral in studies on plant-microbe interactions. To address the need for a dynamic and quantitative disease evaluation, we developed PathTrack© , and used it to analyse the interaction of plants with Botrytis cinerea. PathTrack© is composed of an infection chamber, a photography unit and software that produces(More)
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