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Riley's classic 1970 experiment showing a specific cytotoxic effect of 4-hydroxyanisole (4-OHA) on tissue-cultured melanocytes of black guinea pig ear skin was repeated on normal human melanocytes, and the results were examined by electron microscopy. In dispersed tissue culture, no specific toxic effect on human melanocytes was observed following equally(More)
The diaphragm is the major respiratory muscle of the body. As it plays such a vital role, a continuous arterial and venous blood supply is of the utmost importance. It is therefore not surprising to find described in the literature a complex system of anastomoses that contributes to the maintenance of this muscle's life-preserving contraction. Understanding(More)
Cytological studies in the light microscope showed that thioacetamide (TAA) depressed the mitotic index in cultures of skin fibroblasts at the lowest concentrations used (100 μg/ml). At high concentration (1 mg/ml), TAA tended to cause aberration in nuclear morphology. Ethylenethiourea (ETU) had no effect on either mitotic index or nuclear morphology at 1(More)
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