El-Wui Loh

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This article presents the proceedings of a symposium held at the meeting of the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA) in Mannheim, Germany, in October, 2004. Chronic alcoholism follows a fluctuating course, which provides a naturalistic experiment in vulnerability, resilience, and recovery of human neural systems in response to(More)
We analyzed two polymorphisms in genes encoding proteins of the dopamine system, the Val158Met polymorphism in the catechol-O-methyltransferase gene and the 120-bp VNTR polymorphism in the promoter of the dopamine D4 receptor gene for association with methamphetamine abuse. We used a case/control design with 416 methamphetamine abusing subjects and 435(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous drainage (PCD) and surgical intervention are two primary treatment options for iliopsoas abscess (IPA). However, there is currently no consensus on when to use PCD or surgical intervention, especially in patients with gas-forming IPA. This study compared the characteristics of patients with gas-forming and non-gas forming IPA and(More)
Studies have shown that minor physical anomalies (MPAs) may be associated with schizophrenia. However, it remains unclear whether any items of MPAs are more associated with schizophrenia than the others. We aimed to examine which specific MPAs are more associated with schizophrenia than others. A total of 154 patients with schizophrenia and 152 healthy(More)
OBJECTIVE Metabolic abnormalities, e.g., diabetes, are common among schizophrenia patients. Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-γ (PPAR-γ) regulates glucose/lipid metabolisms, and schizophrenia like syndrome may be induced by actions involving retinoid X receptor-α/PPAR-γ heterodimers. We examined a possible role of the PPAR-γ gene in metabolic(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the prognosis of resistant hypertension (RH) in Asian population. This study aimed to evaluate the impacts of RH in Taiwanese patients with hypertension, and to ascertain whether patient characteristics influence the association of RH with adverse outcomes. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients aged ≥45 years with hypertension were(More)
Yolk oil is common in Asia. According to the Flora Sinensis, yolk oil is a multipurpose medicine, with specific dermatological and fever indications. Nowadays, it is generally used as a complimentary medicine for heart diseases. Yolk oil can be made from heating or chemical extraction method. It is generally believed that yolk oil made from heating (YOheat)(More)
Although schizophrenia can be treated, most patients still experience inevitable psychotic episodes from time to time. Precautious actions can be taken if the next onset can be predicted. However, sufficient information is always lacking in the clinical scenario. A possible solution is to use the virtual data generated from limited of original data. Data(More)
Neuro-developmental hypothesis suggests that schizophrenia is originated from aberrant brain development during first and/or early trimester of gestation. Accordingly, when a schizophrenia gene is involved in the regulation of embryonic development and continues to play a role in the later life, it may result in the co-occurrence of defective organ systems(More)