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In this study, in vitro characterization, bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of 2 different sustained-release diclofenac sodium dosage forms were compared, Voltaren (100 mg tablets), manufactured by Ciba-Geigy and Inflaban (100 mg enteric-coated tablets), manufactured by the Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company. The in vitro results demonstrated a(More)
Twenty healthy male volunteers participated in a balanced crossover comparison of diusemide versus lasix. Each treatment was given as a single 40 mg tablet following an overnight fast. Furosemide concentration in plasma were determined up to 8 h after treatment. Urine output and urinary sodium excretion was also measured. At the 5% confidence level, no(More)
Effects of four fast disintegrants on the dissolution of terfenadine tablets containing the gas-evolving disintegrant, CaCO3, were evaluated. In addition, effects of presence of starch along with the fast disintegrants on the dissolution of the tablets were examined. Dissolution data were treated to give dissolution parameters which reflected efficiency of(More)
The bioequivalence of Folifer-Z tablets, a new sustained-release iron and zinc formulation was evaluated and compared to that of Fefol-Z capsules in 30 healthy male subjects. Each subject received a single oral dose of either product according to a randomized two-way crossover design. A washout period of 1 week was allowed after each treatment. Blood(More)
Bioequivalency of Omeraz, a test-product of Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (Jordan) and Losec, a reference product by Astra (Sweden), was evaluated by a randomised crossover study on 22 healthy male volunteers. Serum concentrations of omeprazole were measured by an HPLC assay. There were no statistically significant differences between the two(More)
This report presents the results of two treatment cross-over investigations on 20 healthy male volunteers to assess the bioequivalence of two suppository products of diclofenac sodium. The study was carried out under US Food and Drug Administration Guidelines. The two products were voltaren (100 mg) suppository (Ciba-Giegy), as a reference product, and(More)
A comparative bioavailability study and in vitro characterization were conducted on two commercial products of diclofenac sodium (Voltaren "A" and Inflaban "B") in the form of enteric-coated tablets (25 and 50 mg). The two products were found similar in weight variation and content uniformity and both met the British Pharmacopeia requirements of(More)
This paper describes an analytical procedure for simultaneous quantification of trimethoprim (TMP) and sulphamethoxazole (SMZ) in serum. Serum samples were rendered alkaline with glycine-sodium hydroxide buffer (pH 9.1) and extracted with ethyl acetate. The reconstituted sample was analysed using reversed-phase C-18 column high-performance chromatography.(More)
We investigated the effects of increased concentrations of the solutes, salicylic acid, benzoic acid, and o-, m-, and p-methoxy benzoic acids, on the anisotropic properties of a liquid crystal solvent. The lamellar liquid crystal was composed of 37% polyoxyethylene (20) isohexadecyl ether in aqueous buffer of pH 1. Phase change, transition temperature,(More)
PicOS is an event-driven operating environment designed for use with embedded networked sensors. More specifically, it is designed to support the concurrency in intensive operations required by networked sensors with minimal hardware requirements. Existing process scheduling algorithms of PicOS; a commercial tiny, low-footprint, real-time operating system;(More)