El-Sayed Ibrahim

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PURPOSE To compare the utility of the real-time technique fast strain-encoded magnetic resonance imaging (fast-SENC) for the quantification of regional myocardial function to conventional tagged magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MATERIALS AND METHODS Healthy volunteers (N = 12) and patients with heart failure (N = 7) were examined using tagged MRI and(More)
The stability of amphotericin B 5 mg/mL in 5% dextrose ophthalmic solution prepared by the Hospital Pharmacy Service was studied in different conditions of storage and use. Admixtures of amphotericin B were aseptically prepared in low-density polyethylene dropper bottles. The stability of amphotericin B was evaluated in ophthalmic dropper bottles stored in(More)
BACKGROUND In type I diabetes (T1DM), alterations in LV function may occur due to changes in innervation, metabolism, and efficiency. OBJECTIVES We evaluated the association between sympathetic nerve function, oxidative metabolism, resting blood flow, LV efficiency and function in healthy diabetics, and assessed gender differences. METHODS(More)