El Houssin El Bouchikhi

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Current spectrum analysis is a proven technique for fault diagnosis in electrical machines. Current spectral estimation is usually performed using classical techniques such as periodogram (FFT) or its extensions. However, these techniques have several drawbacks since their frequency resolution is limited and additional post-processing algorithms are(More)
Fault detection in squirrel cage induction machines based on stator current spectrum has been widely investi­ gated. Several high resolution spectral estimation techniques have been developed and used to detect induction machine abnormal operating conditions. In this paper, a modified version of MUSIC algorithm has been developed based on the faults(More)
This paper focuses on the estimation of the instantaneous amplitude, phase, and unbalance parameters in three-phase power systems. Due to the particular structure of three-phase systems, we demonstrate that the maximum-likelihood estimates (MLEs) of the unknown parameters have simple closed-form expressions and can be easily implemented without matrix(More)
Cette étude traite de l'estimation de la fréquence fondamentale dans les réseaux électriques. Nous proposons trois estimateurs de la fréquence fondamentale exploitant conjointement la structure harmonique et la nature multidimensionnelle du signal. Les résultats de simulation montrent que ces techniques permettent d'obtenir une estimation précise de la(More)
—Development of large scale offshore wind and marine current turbine farms implies to minimize and predict maintenance operations. In director indirect-drive, fixed-or variable-speed turbine generators, advanced signal processing tools are required to detect and diagnose the generator faults from vibration, acoustic, or generator current signals. The(More)
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