El-Hadj Miliani

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The PAS and acid phosphatase reactions showed a different pattern of positivity in the cells of lymphoproliferative disorders according to their B or T cell nature. In B-cell leukaemias (chronic lymphocytic and prolymphocytic) a low proportion of lymphocytes gave a positive result with the acid phosphatase reaction, while the majority were PAS positive in(More)
Rosette formation with mouse red cells was observed in the "hairy" cells of four cases of leukaemic reticuloendotheliosis. A similar observation was made on B-lymphocytes from chronic lymphoid leukaemia but the monocytes in monocytoid leukaemia did not form rosettes. This finding provides new evidence for the B-cell nature of the "hairy" cell.
We present a new polymerase chain reaction assay based on telomeric sequences of Leishmania donovani. When this assay was used in dilutions of purified L. donovani DNA, a strong amplification signal was observed with 1 fg of DNA. In a specificity test that used purified DNA from Old World and New World Leishmania, the assay recognized all parasites isolated(More)
Space Vector Modulation (SVM), with its many advantages over classical Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques, is gaining popularity. Different Discontinuous-PWM with harmonic injections were developed during the past few years with the objective of reducing switching losses in power converters. However discontinuous modulation based on space vector(More)
A novel bidirectional soft switched quasi-Z-source inverter is presented in this paper. By using a resonant capacitor and coupled inductors, the proposed quasi-Z-source inverter topology provides a solution to hard-switching problems for hybrid electric applications. The presented topology allows soft switching operations which aims at reducing the(More)
This paper deals with the one-loop flatness-based control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine fed by a coupled inductors Quasi Z-source Inverter. Among arguments in favor of this control strategy, it can be pointed out both the high mastering of the transient states and the high bandwidth of a one-loop control. Some improvements are proposed in this(More)