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The performance of space shift keying for free-space optical communications over turbulent channels
This paper evaluates the performance of space shift keying (SSK) free-space optical communication (FSO) over moderate and strong turbulent channels. It has been shown previously that repetition codesExpand
A General 3-D Non-Stationary 5G Wireless Channel Model
A novel unified framework of geometry-based stochastic models for the fifth generation (5G) wireless communication systems is proposed, based on the WINNER II and Saleh-Valenzuela channel models. Expand
Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Based Smart Agriculture: Toward Making the Fields Talk
We analyze wireless sensors and IoT in agriculture, as well as the challenges expected to be faced when integrating this technology with the traditional farming practices. Expand
Performance analysis of MISO multi-hop FSO links over log-normal channels with fog and beam divergence attenuations
The performance analysis of a multi-hop decode and forward relaying free-space optical (FSO) communication system is presented in this paper. Expand
Diversity techniques for a free-space optical communication system in correlated log-normal channels
This paper studies repetition code (RC) and orthogonal space time block code (OSTBC) performance in correlated log-normal FSO channels using intensity modulation and direct detection. Expand
28 GHz indoor channel measurements and modelling in laboratory environment using directional antennas
The millimeter-wave band will be one of the key components for the fifth generation (5G) wireless communication systems. A radio channel measurement was conducted at 28 GHz in a laboratoryExpand
Wireless Sensor’s Civil Applications, Prototypes, and Future Integration Possibilities: A Review
Advances in wireless communication are forging new possibilities for sensors. New sensors are equipping major systems around us with unparalleled intelligence as in the case of smart grids, smartExpand
A 3D Non-Stationary Wideband GBSM for Low-Altitude UAV-to-Ground V2V MIMO Channels
In this paper, we propose a three-dimensional wideband non-stationary A2G vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) geometry-based stochastic channel model (GBSM). Expand
Energy Saving EDF Scheduling for Wireless Sensors on Variable Voltage Processors
We propose an Energy Saving EDF (ES-EDF) algorithm that is capable of stretching the worst case execution time of tasks as much as possible without violating deadlines. Expand
Affordable Broad Agile Farming System for Rural and Remote Area
We develop a fast-deployed crop health monitoring system using state-of-the-art technologies to collect data from crop fields in order to take appropriate and timely actions. Expand