El-Amine Mimouni

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Aquatic ecosystems are common in urban environments. A solid understanding of aquatic species’ distributions in urban habitats will both advance urban ecology and preserve biodiversity in cities. In particular, zooplankton are central components of aquatic food webs and their biodiversity patterns thus warrant further characterization and understanding. We(More)
Biodiversity patterns in cladoceran communities were investigated in urban waterbodies in relation with residential land use, pond management, and waterbody environments. We evaluated species richness in the pelagic and littoral zones of eighteen waterbodies of a large Canadian city. Gamma diversity (26 species) observed at a small scale in the urban survey(More)
The need to protect and preserve biodiversity is a pressing issue and requires that conservation projects be based on solid foundations. Knowledge of species evolutionary history can serve as a tool to help guide conservation projects on the basis of evolutionary heritage. We used communities of Cladocera (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) in urban waterbodies to(More)
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