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The phenolic fraction of monovarietal virgin olive oils (VOOs) from the main Moroccan cultivar Picholine marocaine (142 samples from three different subareas of the Meknès region) was studied over(More)
The applicability of two different platforms (LC-ESI-TOF MS and LC-ESI-IT MS) as powerful tools for the characterisation and subsequent quantification of the phenolic compounds present in north(More)
Olive oil phenolic fraction considerably contributes to the sensory quality and nutritional value of this foodstuff. Herein, the phenolic fraction of 203 olive oil samples extracted from fruits of(More)
Selected Ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) in combination with chemometrics was used to authenticate the geographical origin of Mediterranean virgin olive oils (VOOs) produced under(More)
Current knowledge of the quality and composition of Moroccan olive oil is still incomplete and no consistent database compiling its properties is available. This study was carried out to achieve a(More)