Elżbieta Dobrzyńska

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This paper presents the results of PAH determination adsorbed on fine and ultrafine particles emitted to the air from diesel exhaust, with a special emphasis on sample preparation procedure prior to HPLC-FL analysis. Samples were taken with a personal environmental monitor and personal cascade impactor in order to ensure size-segregated sampling of air(More)
The emission of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from selected processes in steelworks in southern Poland was investigated. Size-segregated samples of air particulate matter (<0.25, 0.25-0.5, 0.5-1.0, 1.0-2.5 and 2.5-10 μm) were collected at the electric arc furnace and rolling mill. The PAHs were sampled with the personal cascade impactor and identified by(More)
A needle-trap device, with immobilized sorbent inside the syringe, coupled with GC-MS was applied for air sampling and determination of chlorinated volatile organic compounds such as dichloromethane, trichloromethane, and tetrachloromethane. The application of a needle trap packed with combination of three sorbents including Tenax TA, Carbopack X, and(More)
The assessment of risk associated with exposure to chemicals in the work environment is a task that still poses a lot of difficulties for the employers. At the same time the probability of adverse health effects faced by an employee as a result of such risks, and the related employer's material losses should motivate employers to seek effective solutions(More)
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