Elías J Sobrino-Najul

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INTRODUCTION Environment and Paediatric Cancer (PC) in the Region of Murcia (RM) is an on-going research project that has the following aims: to collect a careful paediatric environmental history (PEH) and to use geographical information systems (GIS) to map the incidence and analyze the geographic distribution of the PC incidence in the RM. The objectives(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim is to update and disclose the main environmental risk factors, excluding dietary factors, involved in the etiopathology of prostate cancer. MATERIALS AND METHOD Bibliographic review of the last 25 years of non-dietary environmental risk factors associated with prostate cancer between 1985 and 2010, obtained from MedLine, CancerLit,(More)
INTRODUCTION Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder in which the interactions of genetic, epigenetic and environmental influences are thought to play a causal role. In humans, throughout embryonic and fetal life, brain development is exquisitely susceptible to injury caused by exposure to toxic chemicals present in the environment. Although the use(More)
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