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Independent Viewpoint Silhouette-Based Human Action Modeling and Recognition
This paper addresses the problem of silhouette-based human action modelling and recognition independently of the camera point of view. Action recognition is carried out by comparing a 2D motion tem-Expand
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Automatic Segmentation and Recognition of Human Actions in Monocular Sequences
This paper addresses the problem of silhouette-based human action segmentation and recognition in monocular sequences. Motion History Images (MHIs), used as 2D templates, capture motion informationExpand
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Transfer Learning of Human Poses for Action Recognition
In order to increase the success rate of a human action recognition system trained with limited labelled video sequences, we propose an approach which combines an efficient use of the scarce data andExpand
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Image-based Location Recognition and Scenario Modelling
This work presents a significant improvement of the state regarding intelligent environments developed to support the independent living of users with special needs. By automatically registering allExpand
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Biometric hand recognition using neural networks
A new approach for personal identification using hand geometry based upon geometrical and shape features is presented. We propose a new pegless hand geometry verification system where the users areExpand
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Mitigating lower layer failures with adaptive system reconfiguration
Future terascale systems based on sub-22nm technologies will show significant variability and reliability challenges from the transistor to the circuit level. On this upcoming scenario, a reliableExpand
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From Features to Attribute Graphs for Point Set Registration
The traditional approach for point set registration is based on matching feature descriptors between the target object and the query image and then the fundamental matrix is calculated robustly usingExpand
Spectral Clustering Using Friendship Path Similarity
As an important task in machine learning and computer vision, the clustering analysis has been well studied and solved using different approaches such as k-means, Spectral Clustering, Support VectorExpand
Abstract. Popularity and diverse use of 3D city models has increased exponentially in the past few years, providing a more realistic impression and understanding of cities. Often, 3D city models areExpand