Elías Gracia

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NeuGcGM3 ganglioside is especially attractive because it is expressed on melanoma cells but it is minimally or not expressed at all on most normal human tissues. A Phase Ib/IIa clinical trial was carried out in patients with advanced cutaneous and ocular malignant melanomas, to evaluate immunogenicity and toxicity of an intramuscularly administered cancer(More)
Nimotuzumab is an EGFR-targeting antibody that has demonstrated encouraging clinical results in the absence of severe side-effects observed with other approved anti-EGFR antibodies. We investigated whether different clinical behavior of nimotuzumab is related to its bivalent/monovalent binding profile. Binding properties of nimotuzumab and cetuximab, the(More)
Most ocular adnexal lymphomas (OAL) are extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphomas (EMZL) of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)-type. Chronic antigen stimulation has been suggested to have a pathogenetic role in EMZL and Chlamydia psittaci chronic infection has been recently associated with the development of OAL in a series of patients from Italy. To(More)
Follicular lymphoma (FL) is considered an indolent but incurable disease. It remains to be clarified whether the outcome has changed after the recent introduction of novel treatment modalities. We retrospectively analyzed the outcome of 281 patients with FL treated at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland from 1979 to 2007. Three diagnostic eras(More)
NeuGc-containing gangliosides have been described in melanoma cells and are an attractive target for cancer immunotherapy because they are minimally or not expressed in normal human tissues. Melanoma patients treated with a vaccine based on N-glycolyl gangliosides have shown benefit in progression free survival and overall survival. We conducted a(More)
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