Elçin Gökmen

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the electrophysiological consequences of neuromuscular and central nervous system involvement in a group of patients presented with the neurological complications of a long-term hunger strike (HS). METHODS Motor and sensory nerve conduction (NCV), F wave, somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) and motor(More)
KEYWORDS Taylor polynomials and series ; Collocation points; System of differential–differ-ence equations Abstract A Taylor collocation method has been developed to solve the systems of high-order linear differential–difference equations in terms of the Taylor polynomials. Using the Taylor colloca-tion points, this method transforms differential–difference(More)
For a family of non-autonomous differential equations with distributed delays, we give sufficient conditions for the global exponential stability of an equilibrium point. This family includes most of the delayed models of neural networks of Hopfield type, with time-varying coefficients and distributed delays. For these models, we establish sufficient(More)
In this paper, a numerical method is presented to obtain approximate solutions for the system of nonlinear delay integro-differential equations derived from considering biological species living together. This method is essentially based on the truncated Taylor series and its matrix representations with collocation points. Also, to illustrate the pertinent(More)
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