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In 2007, the World Health Organization, together with United Nations and international organization as well as experts, met to draw upon existing evidence and practical experience from regions, countries and individual schools in promoting health through schools. The goal of the meeting was to identify current and emerging global factors affecting schools,(More)
For 20 years, "life skills" education has been advocated as a key component of HIV and AIDS education for young people. But what do terms such as life skills imply, and what evidence is there that a life skills-based approach really works? This article reviews the literature on the effects and effectiveness of life skills-based education for HIV prevention.(More)
This study addresses the effect of sustained increased pulsatile flow on nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and cyclooxygenase (Cox) expression and activity in co-cultured endothelial cells (EC) and vascular smooth muscle cells (SMC). Using a perfused transcapillary co-culture system which permits the chronic exposure of cultured EC and SMC to physiological shear(More)
Education has long been identified as having a key role to play in reducing HIV-related risk and vulnerability, and in mitigating the impact of the epidemic on affected individuals and communities. This article reflects on progress over a 30-year period with respect to older and more emergent forms of education concerning HIV and AIDS: treatment education,(More)
Since very early in the epidemic, education has been identified as central to an effective response. Three different kinds of education can be distinguished: education for HIV prevention, education about treatment, and education to prevent or mitigate the negative effects of the epidemic. This article also considers three different contexts in which(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol consumption protects against coronary heart disease by as yet unclear mechanisms. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of ethanol on vascular smooth muscle cell (SMC) migration which plays an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cultures of human SMC under static (no flow) or(More)
Coding Guide Example: MOAA01 (Weekday) MO (Session type) AA (Session order) 01 Weekdays: SU (Sunday), MO (Monday), TU (Tuesday), WE (Wednesday), TH (Thursday), FR (Friday) Session types: oral abstract sessions AA (Track A), AB (Track B), AC (Track C), AD (Track D), AE (Track E), AX (Cross-Track), LBA (Late Breaker Track A), LBB (Late Breaker Track B), LBC(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary hypertensive crisis can be initiated by episodes of hypercapnic acidosis. Hypercapnic vasoconstriction in the newborn pulmonary arterial circulation may be modulated by endogenous production of nitric oxide (NO) by the endothelial cell and effectively treated with inhalation of NO. METHODS Sixteen 48-hour-old piglets were randomized(More)
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