Ektoras Chandakas

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This paper addresses the issue of passenger waiting and being stored at a station platform, from which point they plan to board route services towards egress stations. Route services are operated using dedicated vehicles of limited capacity. Each route service has a specific set of downstream egress stations and is operated at given frequency using(More)
A structural model is provided for traffic assignment to a transit model. It deals with a hierarchy of layers from passenger to network passing by vehicle, service route and line, while taking advantage of the spatial structure of service routes and lines. A range of capacity effects are addressed: in-vehicle passenger capacity, access-egress capacity in(More)
A model is provided to capture capacity phenomena in passenger traffic assignment to a transit network. These pertain to the interaction of passenger traffic and vehicle traffic: vehicle seat capacity drives the internal comfort, vehicle total capacity determines internal comfort and also platform waiting, passenger flows at vehicle egress and access(More)
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