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The authors deal with the problem of true and false accusations of sexual abuse by children. They try to describe the characteristics of the family system from which the child comes and draw attention to circumstances which may make the truthfulness of the child doubtful. They remind of criteria needed of professional caution as regards conclusions on the(More)
Background: Vibrio cholerae, the causative agent of cholera is known to cause outbreaks. It is crucial to identify these outbreaks and prevent transmission. Cases of acute diarrhea should be recognized promptly in order to prevent fatal outcome, with rationale use of antibiotics. This study was done to evaluate the burden of cholera cases and to determine(More)
  • Ekta Mala
  • Casopís lékar̆ů c̆eských
  • 1994
The specificities of the adolescent period are completion of somatic, sexual, emotional, cognitive, intellectual and social maturation. After having coped with this "existential crisis", the adolescents is able to accept new roles, a new identity. Offer described and characterized in detail three types of normal development of adolescents: continual(More)
A psychiatric disorder well known for more than fifty years in children and adolescents has changed several times its name. Mild child encephalopathy, minimal (mild) cerebral dysfunction, impaired attention, hyperkinetic disorder. The cause is not known, there is, however, evidence of familial disposition. Symptoms of this disorder were fully manifested in(More)
The author defines the terms aggression and aggressiveness. She discusses the relationships between aggressiveness and neurotransmitters, organic change, aggression and punishment. Aggression as a feature of developmental change, aggression and social ethology, development of violence. She describes the problem of self-damage and self-injuring behaviour.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with head and neck cancer are predominantnly at the risk for malnutrition. Monitoring of nutritional status and pre-treatment variables can favorably observe many prognostic indicators for overall survival in head and neck cancer before and during oncological treatment up to three years in head and neck cancer pacients. MATERIALS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Malnutrition in head and neck cancer (HNC) patients decreases survival, quality of life (QOL) and oncological outcomes. The aim of the prospective three-year study was to compare QOL, clinical symptoms and variables (complications, survival and mortality rates in HNC patients). PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 726 patients aged 55 to 72 years(More)
Evaluation, assessment and statement whether sexual abuse is involved is based largely on the statement of the victim--the child or adolescent. The author describes the differences of games of abused and not abused children. From available sequences recommended and generally accepted during investigations where there is suspicion of sexual abuse she(More)