Ekkehard Hoffmann

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A method for the diagnosis of mycobacterial infections by PCR amplification followed by selective restriction enzyme digestion of the PCR product was developed. The amplified DNA sequence used in this study occurs within the gene encoding for the mycobacterial 65 kDa heat shock protein (Hance et al. 1989), which is found in all mycobacteria. However, there(More)
This paper presents a new, direct method for locating 3-D objects reliably from sparse, noisy data: segmented range images with polygonal patch boundaries. Non-iterative locating methods require accurate point correspondences, and do not tolerate significant occlusion. Therefore, we propose rules to select intrinsic contours relevant to the locating task in(More)
Plant cell protoplasts, derived from sexually incompatible plant species, have proved to be a good system for somatic hybridization by electrofusion. Under microgravity, an increase in fusion yield can be expected, especially if the parental cells differ markedly in size or specific density. On the D-2 spacelab mission flown in 1993, electrofusion(More)
Electrofusion of evacuolated with vacuolated mesophyll protoplasts of Nicotiana spec. was performed as part of the German Sounding Rocket Program (TEXUS). The results indicate a significant increase not only in the yield of 1:1 fusion products, but also in homo- and multifusion products. Heterokaryons obtained under microgravity have been shown to be viable(More)
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