Ekim Yurtsever

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This paper presents a novel method for integrating driving behavior and traffic context through signal symbolization in order to summarize driving semantics from sensor outputs. The method has been applied to risky lane change detection. Language models (nested Pitman-Yor language model) and speech recognition algorithms (hidden Markov Model) have been(More)
The existence of NCO(-) anions in the interstellar medium (ISM) has been suggested and searched for over the years but without any formal definitive sighting of that molecule. We discuss in this work the possible formation of either NCO(-) directly or of NCO neutral as a precursor to NCO(-) formation by electron attachment. We follow simple, gas-phase(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for extracting the traffic trajectory history, with the use of GPS data collected over a certain period of time, to be used as an input for driver models. In this approach, driving curvature is distinguished from actual road shape curvature with the use of real driving data. After sufficient amount of drive data has been(More)
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