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We have previously shown that mutation of the two tyrosines in the cytoplasmic domain of integrin subunit beta1 (Y783 and Y795) to phenylalanines markedly reduces the capability of beta1A integrins to mediate directed cell migration. In this study, beta1-dependent cell spreading was found to be delayed in GD25 cells expressing beta1A(Y783/795F) compared to(More)
Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), a homodimeric enzyme with a rate-limiting function in polyamine biosynthesis, is subject to a feedback control involving its selective proteolysis. Targeting of ODC monomers to the proteasome is mediated by ODC antizyme (OAZ), the expression of which is induced by high levels of polyamines. Here, we report our analysis of the(More)
Progressive miniaturization of flexible fibreoptic systems has made it possible for the first time to perform atraumatic endoscopy of the Eustachian tube and tympanic cavity with the ear drum intact. With the aid of special actively steerable microcatheters, flexible fibrescopes having outer diameters of 350 to 650 microns are inserted into the opening of(More)
B cell receptor (BCR) signals induce differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis of B cells. Antigenic stimulation leads to crosslinking of the BCR complex, which consists of immunoglobulin heavy and light chains, one CD79A and one CD79B subunit. As consequence of BCR stimulation, a cascade of signals is induced, activating crucial pathways like the(More)
By the elucidation of high-resolution structures the view of the bioenergetic processes has become more precise. But in the face of these fundamental advances, many problems are still unresolved. We have examined a variety of aspects of energy-transducing membranes from large protein complexes down to the level of protons and functional relevant picosecond(More)
The polycistronic mRNA encoding the nine genes of the unc operon of Escherichia coli was studied. We demonstrated the ribosome-binding capabilities of six of the nine unc genes, uncB, uncE, uncF, uncH, uncA, and uncD, by using the technique of primer extension inhibition or "toeprinting." No toeprint was detected for the other genes, uncI, uncG, and uncC.(More)
The proto-oncogene Raf is a major regulator of growth and differentiation. Previous studies from a number of laboratories indicate that Raf activates a signaling pathway that is independent of the classic MEK1,2-ERK1,2 cascade. However, no other signaling cascade downstream of Raf has been identified. We describe a new member of the mitogen-activated(More)
Endothelin-1 induced signaling is characterized by an early induction of a nuclear factor-kappa B p65/mitogen-activated phosphokinase p38 transcription complex via its A-receptor versus a late induction via diacylglycerol, and protein kinase C. A possible interaction between these two pathways and a potential function for protein kinase C in this context(More)