Ekaterina Zangaladze

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) has emerged as a serious public health problem in the country of Georgia. However, little or no data exist on rates and risk factors for drug-resistant TB, including multidrug-resistant (MDR)-TB, in Georgia. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and risk factors for drug-resistant TB. METHODS A cross-sectional prospective(More)
Electrophoretypes of 107 rotaviral isolates collected in Tbilisi for 18 months revealed seven patterns from which 4 were "long" and 3 "short". The "long" electrophoretypes represented 74.8% of total number of the isolates analysed. One of the "long" electrophoretypes dominated for the whole investigation period. Differences in the seasonal distribution of(More)
Enterovirus surveillance data are useful for establishing temporal and geographical patterns of circulation and for virus characterization to determine phylogenetic relationships between strains. Almost no information is available on circulating enteroviruses in Georgia and the surrounding region. To describe enterovirus circulation in Georgia, determine(More)
The etiology of enteric illnesses occurring during hospitalization in children admitted in January-May, 1985, for respiratory tract illnesses was studied by several methods including electron microscopy (EM), enzyme immunoassay (EIA), and PAG electrophoresis. Rotaviruses were detected in 22 (44.9%) t of 49 children with symptoms of intestinal infection, in(More)
The paper presents the results of virological, serological, and epidemiological examinations of patients with acute enteric infections of obscure etiology carried out for detection of rotavirus gastroenteritides. Rotaviruses have been found to play a certain role in generating acute gastroenteritides in infants under 3 years, mostly among infants, of 1-2(More)
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