Ekaterina V. Markova

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Suppression of the cell component of the immune system and open-field behavior developing in OXYS rats by the age of 3 months are regarded as manifestations of accelerated aging. Stimulation of cell-mediated immune response with BCG vaccine caused a dose-dependent increase of orientation and exploratory activity of OXYS rats in the open field test to(More)
Comparative analysis of the state of the thymus, activity of cell component of the immune system, and open field behavior of Wistar and OXYS rats showed early involution of the thymus in OXYS rats. By morphological picture this involution corresponded to accidental involution and was paralleled by low level of delayed hypersensitivity reaction and by(More)
We demonstrated opposite changes in the orientation and exploratory behavior of (CBA× C57Bl/6)F1 mice in the open field test during the formation of primary humoral immune response. These changes depended on initial behavioral activity: the exploratory behavior was suppressed in animals with initially high activity, stimulated in animals with medium(More)
The state of the thymus, activity of cell-mediated immunity, and open field behavior were compared in Wistar and OXYS rats (premature aging). Early involution of the thymus was revealed in OXYS rats, which by the type of morphological changes corresponded to accidental involution and was associated with low level of delayed hypersensitivity reaction and(More)
The effect of aggressive behavior shaped under social stress of various durations on the production of proinflammatory cytokines by splenic cells was examined on C57BL/6J mice. Aggressive mice were characterized by enhanced production of IL-2 and IFN-γ (released by T helper type 1 cells) and reduced secretion of TNF-α, whose major producers are monocytes(More)
To develop a phage display of single-chain antibodies (scFv), fractions of total cell DNA and RNA were obtained from splenocytes of naive mice. The DNA fragments encoding variable regions of light and heavy immunoglobulin chains were amplified and isolated using primers specific to the conservative regions of these genes. The construction of the library was(More)
We revealed some relationships between the level of orientation and exploratory behavior, functional activity of the immune system, and structural and functional organization of the CNS in animals. Significant differences in brain morphology and expression of cytokine IL-1β, type I IL-1 receptor, and erythropoietin receptor genes in brain cells were(More)
Only a low yield (38%) of (III) is obtained in this p rocess . The goal of the presen t work is the opt imization of this p rocess . The yield of technical novocaine based on the sodium salt of p-aminobenzoic acid was selected as the optimization cr i ter ion. The effect of the following factors was investigated: the r e a c tion t ime (XI), the tempera(More)