Ekaterina Solovyova

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Stem cells from the endometrium isolated during menstrual bleeding were characterized. By their main surface markers, differentiation potential, and morphological signs these cells belong to mesenchymal stem cells. Specific features of this cell type are high clonogenic activity and low capacity to adipocyte differentiation.
A new original method and CASE-tool of system analysis and modelling are represented. They are for the first time consistent with the requirements of object-oriented technology of informational systems design. They essentially facilitate the construction of organisational systems models and increase the quality of the organisational designing and basic(More)
The aim of this paper is to be determined the network capacity (number of necessary internal switching lines) based on detailed users’ behaviour and demanded quality of service parameters in an overall telecommunication system. We consider detailed conceptual and its corresponded analytical traffic model of telecommunication system with (virtual) circuit(More)
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