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How healthy are software engineering conferences?
Abstract In this article we study the health of software engineering conferences by means of a suite of metrics created for this purpose. The metrics measure stability of the community, openness toExpand
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Large-scale, AST-based API-usage analysis of open-source Java projects
Research on API migration and language conversion can be informed by empirical data about API usage. For instance, such data may help with designing and defending mapping rules for API migration inExpand
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Multi-dimensional exploration of API usage
This paper is concerned with understanding API usage in a systematic, explorative manner for the benefit of both API developers and API users. There exist complementary, less explorative methods,Expand
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A Framework Profile of .NET
We develop a basic form of framework comprehension which is based on simple, reuse-related metrics for the as-implemented design and usage of frameworks. To this end, we provide a framework profileExpand
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Empirical Language Analysis in Software Linguistics
Software linguistics is the science of software languages. In this short paper, we sketch the general discipline of software linguistics, but our focus is on one part of it: empirical analysis ofExpand
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Understanding privacy policies
Their is growing recognition that users of web-based systems want to understand, if not control, what customer’s data is stored by whom, for what purpose, for what duration, and with whom it isExpand
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Vivisection of a Non-Executable, Domain-Specific Language - Understanding (the Usage of) the P3P Language
P3P is the policy language with which websites declare the intended use of data that is collected about users of the site. We have systematically collected P3P-based privacy policies from websitesExpand
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Corpus-based empirical research in software engineering
In the recent years, Software Engineering research has shown the rise of interest in the empirical studies. Such studies are often based on empirical evidence derived from corpora - collections ofExpand
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A Literature Survey on Empirical Evidence in Software Engineering
Context: Software Engineering research makes use of collections of software artifacts (corpora) to derive empirical evidence from. Goal: To improve quality and reproducibility of research, we need toExpand
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