Ekaterina O Morozova

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Here we examined the mechanism of propagation of variation potential (VP) induced by burning in wheat leaves. Participation of hydraulic and chemical mechanisms in VP transmission was analyzed by optical coherent tomography and a radioactive tracer method, respectively. The speed of the hydraulic signal considerably exceeded the VP velocity. Investigation(More)
Local stimulation induces generation and propagation of electrical signals, including the variation potential (VP) and action potential, in plants. Burning-induced VP changes the physiological state of plants; specifically, it inactivates photosynthesis. However, the mechanisms that decrease photosynthesis are poorly understood. We investigated these(More)
In the ventral tegmental area (VTA), interactions between dopamine (DA) and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurons are critical for regulating DA neuron activity and thus DA efflux. To provide a mechanistic explanation of how GABA neurons influence DA neuron firing, we developed a circuit model of the VTA. The model is based on feed-forward inhibition and(More)
The levels of ribosomes in B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) T lymphocytes have been shown to be within normal whereas those in B-CLL B-lymphocytes to vary from normal to fairly low levels. There was no dependence of the ribosome content on the maturation of B lymphocytes as it was established by levels rosetting with mouse red blood cells.
The dynamics of neuronal excitability determine the neuron's response to stimuli, its synchronization and resonance properties and, ultimately, the computations it performs in the brain. We investigated the dynamical mechanisms underlying the excitability type of dopamine (DA) neurons, using a conductance-based biophysical model, and its regulation by(More)
The local circuitry of the tegmental area (VTA) consists primarily of dopamine (DA) and GABA neurons. Interactions between DA and GABA neurons are critical for regulating DA neuron activity, and thus DA efflux throughout the brain. One striking example that demonstrates the significance of local interactions between DA and GABA neurons is related to(More)
An assay of lymphocyte ribosomes in blood of donors and patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia established the normal level of ribosomes in 11 cases and half that value in 6 cases of leukemia. The decreased level of ribosomes in cells was largely, registered at the terminal stage of the disease. The 14C-leucine uptake by leukemic lymphocytes was reduced(More)
Intact polysomes from lymphocytes of donors and patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) were isolated using diethyl pyrocarbonate. It has been shown that only 3/4 of ribisomes are bound to polysomes of a comparatively small size. Poly(A) RNA of the postmitochondrial fraction is largely associated with polysomes. Cyclohexamide treatment results in(More)
Spectra of nuclear RNA were studied in leukocytes in healthy donors and in patients with leukoses by DNA-RNA hybridization. Cross competitive hybridization showed that in chronic lymphoid leukosis and acute myeloblastosis new forms of nuclear RNA were observed, which were not found in normal state; in myeloleukosis the nuclear RNA spectra were similar to(More)
Athletes use amphetamines to improve their performance through largely unknown mechanisms. Considering that body temperature is one of the major determinants of exhaustion during exercise, we investigated the influence of amphetamine on the thermoregulation. To explore this, we measured core body temperature and oxygen consumption of control and(More)