Ekaterina O Morozova

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Here we examined the mechanism of propagation of variation potential (VP) induced by burning in wheat leaves. Participation of hydraulic and chemical mechanisms in VP transmission was analyzed by optical coherent tomography and a radioactive tracer method, respectively. The speed of the hydraulic signal considerably exceeded the VP velocity. Investigation(More)
Local stimulation induces generation and propagation of electrical signals, including the variation potential (VP) and action potential, in plants. Burning-induced VP changes the physiological state of plants; specifically, it inactivates photosynthesis. However, the mechanisms that decrease photosynthesis are poorly understood. We investigated these(More)
A psychological foundation of differentiation of learning on the basis of students' individual characteristics (cognitive styles) with orientation to physics education in high school is discussed. The computer testing technique for preliminary determination of students' cognitive styles is proposed. It is based on the assumed connection between test(More)
In the ventral tegmental area (VTA), interactions between dopamine (DA) and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurons are critical for regulating DA neuron activity and thus DA efflux. To provide a mechanistic explanation of how GABA neurons influence DA neuron firing, we developed a circuit model of the VTA. The model is based on feed-forward inhibition and(More)
The levels of ribosomes in B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) T lymphocytes have been shown to be within normal whereas those in B-CLL B-lymphocytes to vary from normal to fairly low levels. There was no dependence of the ribosome content on the maturation of B lymphocytes as it was established by levels rosetting with mouse red blood cells.
New alkali-metal compounds with the filled-skutterudite structure were synthesized and their chemical and physical properties investigated. X-ray diffraction, microprobe, and chemical analysis established the structure and the composition without defects on the cation site. Magnetization, ac susceptibility, specific heat, resistivity, and NMR or NQR(More)
The dynamics of neuronal excitability determine the neuron's response to stimuli, its synchronization and resonance properties and, ultimately, the computations it performs in the brain. We investigated the dynamical mechanisms underlying the excitability type of dopamine (DA) neurons, using a conductance-based biophysical model, and its regulation by(More)
To clarify the role of the ribosome apparatus in the differentiation and maturation, the nucleolar ultrastructure, ribosome level and maturation stages of lymphocytes and their phorbol ester-induced differentiation capacity were studied immunologically, cytochemically and electron-microscopically in 16 patients with B-chronic lymphoid leukemia (B-CLL) and(More)
The serum immunoglobulin levels, ribosome contents and protein synthesis rate in peripheral blood lymphocytes have been studied in 35 patients with chronic lymphatic leukemia. It is shown that in patients whose lymphocyte ribosome content corresponds to that of the donors IgG, IgA, IgM levels were on the average normal whereas in the patients with the(More)
Spectra of nuclear RNA were studied in leukocytes in healthy donors and in patients with leukoses by DNA-RNA hybridization. Cross competitive hybridization showed that in chronic lymphoid leukosis and acute myeloblastosis new forms of nuclear RNA were observed, which were not found in normal state; in myeloleukosis the nuclear RNA spectra were similar to(More)