Ekaterina Nazarova

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A fundamental statistical analysis of the questionnaire given to 2089 first-year and last-year students of 9 medical institutes of the country was carried out within the framework of study of the "Smoking and Health" International Committee. The number of smokers per day was 21.6%. Awareness of smoking association with the development of certain diseases is(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring a child's growth status helps to diagnose diseases and implement curative and preventive measures. The aim of this study was to assess how well preschool children of Russian city (Nizhny Novgorod) match with, or diverge from, international growth charts (WHO2006,2007; USCDC2000). METHODS Cross-sectional study included 3,130 children(More)
The prime objective of the paper is to attempt to reevaluate the potentialities of current radiation diagnosis of esophageal achalasia. Moreover, its main idea is to assess the procedure of a traditional X-ray section of radiation study. In the authors' opinion, the main motivation of writing this paper was the emergence of new recent potentialities of(More)
The paper deals with one of rather common and clinically urgent diseases of the esophagus--esophageal achalasia (EA). By using 173 cases as an example, the authors show a diversity of clinical symptoms and basic X-ray diagnostic criteria for this abnormality. Analysis of the results of clinical and instrumental studies has enabled the authors to(More)
Modern norms regulating illumination levels of working surfaces do not consider changes in functional state of vision. Experimental studies involving examinees helped to set optimal levels of brightness for light entering eyes in complicated visual work. If larger object viewed, brightness of the working surface could be lowered to values that do not(More)