Ekaterina Myasnikova

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BACKGROUND The concentration gradient of Bicoid protein which determines the developmental pathways in early Drosophila embryo is the best characterized morphogen gradient at the molecular level. Because different developmental fates can be elicited by different concentrations of Bicoid, it is important to probe the limits of this specification by analyzing(More)
The segmentation gene network in Drosophila embryo solves the fundamental problem of embryonic patterning: how to establish a periodic pattern of gene expression, which determines both the positions and the identities of body segments. The gap gene network constitutes the first zygotic regulatory tier in this process. Here we have applied the systems-level(More)
BACKGROUND Accuracy of the data extracted from two-dimensional confocal images is limited due to experimental errors that arise in course of confocal scanning. The common way to reduce the noise in images is sequential scanning of the same specimen several times with the subsequent averaging of multiple frames. Attempts to increase the dynamical range of an(More)
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