Ekaterina Mironova

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Cardiac fibroblasts, the noncontractile cells of the heart, contribute to myocardial maintenance through the deposition, degradation, and organization of collagen. Adding polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorods to three-dimensional constructs composed of collagen and cardiac fibroblasts reduced contraction and altered the expression of mRNAs encoding(More)
Vision acuity and differential photosensitivity were examined, and electroretinography and electrooculography data analyzed in patients with high myopia after crossing the superficial temporal artery. A tendency to normalization of these parameters has been observed after surgery, due to improvement of the circulation in the orbital artery basin, as(More)
The authors have examined the effect of crossing the superficial temporal artery on the retinal pigmented epithelium in patients with sclerotic macular dystrophy. Three groups of patients with different initial values of electrooculogram Arden's coefficient were examined. Circulation in the vascular membrane of the eye has improved in 76% of patients after(More)