Ekaterina Lebedeva

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This thesis develops a theoretical formalism of formal semantics of natural language in the spirit of Montague semantics. The developed framework satisfies the principle of compositionality in a simple and elegant way, by being as parsimonious as possible: completely new formalisms or extensions of existing formalisms with even more complex constructions to(More)
Multiple tools are available to assess clinical performance of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC), but there are no guidelines on how best to implement and interpret them in educational settings. The purpose of this systematic review was to identify and critically appraise LC assessment tools and their measurement properties, in order to make recommendations(More)
Van der Sandt’s algorithm for handling presupposition is based on a “presupposition as anaphora” paradigm and is expressed in the realm of Kamp’s DRT. In recent years, we have proposed a typetheoretic rebuilding of DRT that allows Montague’s semantics to be combined with discourse dynamics. Here we explore van der Sandt’s theory along the line of this(More)
Increasingly, X-ray micro-tomography is being used in the observation and prediction of petrophysical properties. To support this field there is a vital need to have well integrated and parallel research programs in hardware development, structural description and physical property modelling. There is a constant need to validate simulation with physical(More)
A way for recognizing voice commands (VCs) in the noises with a probability of proper recognition higher than 92% and a signal/noise ratio of 1–6 dB, if the library of pattern voice commands has been generated directly before recognition, is presented in [1]. This method is based on transformation of voice signals into a 2D image: autocorrelation portrait(More)
According to the Relevant Alternatives (RA) Theory of knowledge, to know that something is the case is to have ruled out the relevant alternatives. The conception of knowledge in epistemic logic also involves the elimination of possibilities, but without an explicit distinction, among the possibilities consistent with an agent’s information, between those(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite evidence supporting the value of the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) curriculum, surgical educators still find it challenging to motivate residents to practice. Wiggio is an online networking and collaboration tool that allows learners to track performance, see what their peers are doing, and send and receive updates. The(More)