Ekaterina H. Taralova

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We consider the problem of quantizing data generated from disparate sources, e.g. subjects performing actions with different styles, movies with particular genre bias, various conditions in which images of objects are taken, etc. These are scenarios where unsupervised clustering produces inadequate codebooks because algorithms like K-means tend to cluster(More)
Alternaria is one of the most cosmopolitan fungal genera encountered and impacts humans and human activities in areas of material degradation, phytopathology, food toxicology, and respiratory disease. Contemporary methods of taxon identification rely on assessments of morphology related to sporulation, which are critical for accurate diagnostics. However,(More)
In preparation for the 2003 International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) the Aerial Robotics Club (ARC) at the University of Arizona has designed an autonomous aerial robot. This years aerial system consists of a small-scale airplane with an on-board guidance navigation control system and a ground station of networked computers for mission planning,(More)
Currently, the way we represent stabilizer states is by hand. However, this method is neither efficient nor productive. Several algorithms have been proposed to address the issue of efficient simulation of stabilizer states, but no one has implemented them yet. This paper discusses how the graph state approach method is used to develop a software(More)
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