Ekaterina G Bereznyak

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The review discusses the methods of thermodynamic analysis of reactions of non-covalent binding of biologically active compounds with DNA, which is a key constituent of cell chromatin. Knowledge of thermodynamic profile of ligand binding with nucleic acids is important for understanding the mechanism of medico-biological action of the currently existing(More)
In this paper the absorption spectra of drugs combined with the Fe<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub> (magnetite) nanoparticles are analyzed. It is shown that drugs and nanoparticles form complexes by the electrostatic interaction. Also it is found that in order to form the complexes of the positively charged drug with nanoparticles the prior modification of the(More)
We report a novel computational algorithm "BP-STOCH" to be used for studying single-type ligand binding with biopolymers of finite lengths, such as DNA oligonucleotides or oligopeptides. It is based on an idea to represent any type of ligand-biopolymer complex in a form of binary number, where "0" and "1" bits stand for vacant and engaged monomers of the(More)
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