Ekaterina Egorova

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In this paper we present novel language-independent bottleneck (BN) feature extraction framework. In our experiments we have used Multilingual Artificial Neural Network (ANN), where each language is modelled by separate output layer, while all the hidden layers jointly model the variability of all the source languages. The key idea is that the entire ANN is(More)
Multilingual training of neural networks for ASR is widely studied these days. It has been shown that languages with little training data can benefit largely from multilingual resources. We have evaluated possible ways of adaptation of multilingual stacked bottle-neck hierarchy to target domain. This paper extends our latest work and focuses on the impact(More)
It has been shown that intraocular lenses (IOL) prepared from polymethylmethacrylate and silicon let pass the light of short-wave visible and long-wave spectrum regions. Unlike natural lens, IOL have no yellowish coloration, which results in the appearance of chromatic aberrations and brightness of IOL during implantation. Mechanisms of damaging effects of(More)
NADH fluorescence may serve a convenient test indicating the tissue redox status. Rabbit cornea has been incubated at ambient temperature in media of different compositions with 5.10(-5) M NADH at pH 7.0-7.3. Oxidation of NADH in the humor-substituting medium for corneal tissue incubation has been monitored by fluorescent analysis (stimulation maximum at a(More)
The paper addresses manual and semi-automatic approaches to building a multilingual phoneme set for automatic speech recognition. The first approach involves mapping and reduction of the phoneme set based on IPA and expert knowledge, the later one involves phoneme confusion matrix generated by a neural network. The comparison is done for 8 languages(More)
This study investigates the behavior of a feature extraction neural network model trained on a large amount of single language data (“source language”) on a set of under-resourced target languages. The coverage of the source language acoustic space was changed in two ways: (1) by changing the amount of training data and (2) by altering the level of detail(More)
Traumatic cataracts occurring after ocular trauma were removed by phacoemulsification, cryoextraction or extracapsular cataract extraction, depending on the degree of lens absorption. All eyes received sputnik-style iridocapsular lenses. Most cases were complicated by the presence of synechiae and/or the need for iridoplasty. The surgical technique varied(More)
The effect of geomagnetic disturbances on the basic types of voluntary attention and short-term memory was studied. The three-hour K-indices and diurnal AK-indices as parameters of geomagnetic disturbances and psychological tests of attention and memory were used for IBM PC/AT processing. As a result, the test subjects were distributed into two groups(More)
Route directions research has mostly focused on urban space so far, highlighting human concepts of street networks based on a range of recurring elements such as route segments, decision points, landmarks and actions. We explored the way route directions reflect the features of space and activity in the context of mountaineering. Alpine route directions are(More)