Ekaterina E. Maleeva

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Venom of the yellow sac spider Cheiracanthium punctorium (Miturgidae) was found unique in terms of molecular composition. Its principal toxic component CpTx 1 (15.1 kDa) was purified, and its full amino acid sequence (134 residues) was established by protein chemistry and mass spectrometry techniques. CpTx 1 represents a novel class of spider toxin with(More)
The TRPV1 receptor plays a significant role in many biological processes, such as perception of external temperature (above 43°C), inflammation development, and thermoregulation. Activation of TRPV1 leads to the pain occurrence and decrease in the body temperature, while inhibition of this receptor can lead to an increase in the temperature. The TRPV1(More)
Novel disulfide-containing polypeptide toxin was discovered in the venom of the Tibellus oblongus spider. We report on isolation, spatial structure determination and electrophysiological characterization of this 41-residue toxin, called ω-Tbo-IT1. It has an insect-toxic effect with LD50 19 μg/g in experiments on house fly Musca domestica larvae and with(More)
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