Ekaterina Avetissova

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Phagocytes generate nitric oxide (NO) and other reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in large quantities to combat infecting bacteria. Here, we report the surprising observation that in vivo survival of a notorious pathogen-Bacillus anthracis-critically depends on its own NO-synthase (bNOS) activity. Anthrax spores (Sterne strain) deficient in bNOS lose(More)
The elongation of RNA chains during transcription occurs in a ternary complex containing RNA polymerase (RNAP), DNA template, and nascent RNA. It is shown here that elongating RNAP from Escherichia coli can switch DNA templates by means of end-to-end transposition without loss of the transcript. After the switch, transcription continues on the new template.(More)
During RNA synthesis in the ternary elongation complex, RNA polymerase enzyme holds nucleic acids in three contiguous sites: the double-stranded DNA-binding site (DBS) ahead of the transcription bubble, the RNA-DNA heteroduplex-binding site (HBS), and the RNA-binding site (RBS) upstream of HBS. Photochemical cross-linking allowed mapping of the DNA and RNA(More)
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