Ekaterina A. Sorokina

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Calcium stone crystal attachment to the urinary epithelium plays an essential role in the development of kidney stones by allowing small crystals to be retained in the kidney until they become macroscopic. We among others have described attachment of stone crystals to cultured renal epithelia (Wiessner, J. H., Kleinman, J. G., Blumenthal, S. S., Garancis,(More)
The analytical solutions for geodesic acoustic eigenmodes in tokamak plasmas with circular concentric magnetic surfaces are found. In the frame of ideal magnetohydrodynamics the dispersion relation taking into account the toroidal coupling between electrostatic perturbations and electromagnetic perturbations with poloidal mode number |m| = 2 is derived. In(More)
The dynamic pattern of a prestimulus EEG was studied by the fractal analysis technique. The character of this pattern was shown to affect the structure of cortical auditory evoked potentials (EP). A monoperiodic pattern in the control frequency band was accompanied by a formation of several new attractors with low dimensionality attributed to simultaneous(More)
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