Ekaterina A. Drozdova

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A total of 147 patients with uveitis concomitant with spondyloarthritis were examined. HLA-B27 histocompatibility antigen was detected in 75.5% patients. Men, mainly young and middle-aged, suffering from sacroileitis, developed the disease 2.5 times more often. Involvement of the uveal tract manifested by acute anterior fibrinous plastic uveitis (83.7%),(More)
Immunologic examinations were performed in 111 patients with uveitis concurrent with a variety of systemic pathologies, including 85 males and 26 females, mean age--32.4 +/- 5.8. A higher IL-6 content in blood serum (BS) and in lachrymal fluid (LF) was detected in all patients. The IL-4 content was lower in uveitis associated with ankylosing spondylitis and(More)
a multidisciplinary community dedicated to research and training in the field of international security. The Center brings together scholars, policymakers, scientists, area specialists, members of the business community, and other experts to examine a wide range of international security issues. The opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do(More)
Uveitis associated with rheumatic diseases (RD) is one of the symptoms of an autoimmune lesion. A great role in the etiology of the latter is assigned to genetic predisposition, HLA antigens in particular. Twenty-four HLA class I antigens were histotyped, by applying the Terasaki microlymphocytotoxic test in 83 patients with uveitis in the presence of(More)
AIM to identify the differences between serum cytokine profiles in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) with or without uveal tract inflammation. MATERIAL AND METHODS Serum cytokine profiles were studied in two groups of patients: 20 children with JIA and JIA-associated uveitis and 33 children, who had no signs of uveitis under basic therapy for their JIA.(More)
The Cross-Industry Working Team (XIWT), with the support of the Stanford University Consortium for Research on Information Security and Policy (CRISP), sponsored a symposium on cross-industry activities aimed at improving the reliability, dependability, and robustness of the information infrastructure. Held 3-4 November 1998 in Crystal City, Virginia, the(More)
The study was undertaken to define a role of immunological damage reactions in the pathogenesis of uveitis in the presence of rheumatic diseases on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the immunological characteristics of the disease. A complex immunological study was made in 76 rheumatic patients with uveitis in the acute phase of eye diseases. Among the(More)
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