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Multistimuli-Responsive Self-Healable and Moldable Nickel(II)-Based Gels for Reversible Gas Adsorption and Palladium Sequestration via Gel-to-Gel Transformation.
  • Ekata Saha, J. Mitra
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • ACS applied materials & interfaces
  • 26 February 2019
The dynamic nature of Ni-Ntriazole interactions has been utilized in achieving the reversible gas/vapor responsive behavior of the metallogels, which could be suitable in developing colorimetric probes for the detection of toxic gases and heavy metal ions. Expand
Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution in Acidic and Alkaline Media by a Multistimuli-Responsive Cobalt(II) Organogel
Supramolecular gels and metallogels involving dynamic and reversible noncovalent interactions are touted as alternatives to gels based on polymeric materials for practical purposes and for an obviousExpand
Transcendence of generalized Euler–Lehmer constants
Abstract In this article, we study the arithmetic properties of generalized Euler–Lehmer constants. We show that these infinite family of numbers are transcendental with at most one exception. ThisExpand
Linear and algebraic independence of generalized Euler–Briggs constants
Abstract Possible transcendental nature of Euler's constant γ has been the focus of study for sometime now. One possible approach is to consider γ not in isolation, but as an element of the infiniteExpand
On the interlacing of the zeros of Poincaré series
Rankin proved that the Poincare series for \(\mathbf{SL}(2,{{\mathbb {Z}}})\) that are not cusp forms have all their zeros on the unit circle in the standard fundamental domain. In this article weExpand
On interlacing of the zeros of a certain family of modular forms
Abstract For s ∈ { 0 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 14 } , let k = 12 m ( k ) + s ≥ 12 be an even integer and f k be a normalised modular form of weight k with real Fourier coefficients, written as f k = E k + ∑Expand
Semi-abelian analogues of Schanuel Conjecture and applications
In this article we study Semi-abelian analogues of Schanuel conjecture. As showed by the first author, Schanuel Conjecture is equivalent to the Generalized Period Conjecture applied to 1-motivesExpand
An abelian analogue of Schanuel’s conjecture and applications
In this article we study an abelian analogue of Schanuel’s conjecture. This conjecture falls in the realm of the generalised period conjecture of André. As shown by Bertolin, the generalised periodExpand
Self-Assembled Melaminium Adipate Lamellae for Adsorptive Removal of Anionic Dyes from Wastewater
The growth in industrialization worldwide has resulted in continual discharge of organic dyes that contaminate the aquatic ecosystem. Common adsorbents employed for dye removal are often expensive ...