Ekambaranellore Prakash

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Molecules derived from cinnamon have demonstrated diverse pharmacological activities against infectious pathogens, diabetes and inflammatory diseases. This study aims to evaluate the effect of the cinnamon-derived molecule IND02 on the adhesion of leukocytes to host cells. The anti-inflammatory ability of IND02, a pentameric procyanidin type A polyphenol(More)
Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), core unit of a processor, when used for scientific computations, will spend more time in multiplications. For higher order multiplications, a huge number of adders are to be used to perform the partial product addition. Reducing delay in the multiplier reduces the overall computation time. Wallace multipliers perform in(More)
Amongst the many strategies aiming at inhibiting HIV-1 infection, blocking viral entry has been recently recognized as a very promising approach. Using diverse in vitro models and a broad range of HIV-1 primary patient isolates, we report here that IND02, a type A procyanidin polyphenol extracted from cinnamon, that features trimeric and pentameric forms(More)
– The purpose of this paper is to investigate the vibration suppression characteristics of ball bearing supplied with nano-copper oxide (CuO) mixed lubricant. CuO nanoparticles were synthesized by chemical method and characterized using XRD and TEM to study the crystallanity and ultrastructure. I. INTRODUCTION Machine components, gears and bearings runs at(More)
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