Ekalak Chaowicharat

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This paper presents improve sensitivity of pnp-magnetotransistor for detect vertical magnetic field response. The device structure consisted of one emitter, four collectors and four bases. The four collectors are separate to form four terminals. The same is true for the four bases. The experiment showed that, at 2 and 4mA of biasing current, magnetic field(More)
This paper presents the effect of temperature to strain gauge resistance, sensitivity, and hysteresis of surface micromachining pressure sensor with polysilicon membrane and polysilicon resistor as piezoresistive strain gauge. The resistance value is nominally 2.7 k Omega, under normal atmospheric pressure and room temperature. The experiments measured the(More)
This article describes an impact of lithography overlay accuracy on 0.8 micron CMOS design rules. The trial design rules for test circuits based on large tolerance of 0.8 micron technology. Fabricated test circuits showing the overlay accuracy, between polysilicon and active layers, are 0.27 micron in X-direction and 0.25 micron in Y-direction. This is(More)
The patterning the contact holes by photolithography process, in this case polysilicon contacts, is the process to produce electrical connection between metal layer and polysilicon gates or metal layer and source/drain. The photolithography process can control size and shape of the contact hole patterns on photoresist before permanently patterned by etching(More)
This paper presents a magnetotransistor for detecting magnetic field in vertical and lateral directions (B<sub>Y</sub> and B<sub>Z</sub>) by relying on the difference between base and collector currents (&#x0394;I<sub>CB</sub>). It was designed and fabricated using CMOS fabrication technology. The device structure consisted of one emitter, 4 collectors and(More)
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