Ejabul Mondal

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Two new molecules, CzFCBI and CzFNBI, have been tailor-made to serve as bipolar host materials to realize high-efficiency electrophosphorescent devices. The molecular design is configured with carbazole as the hole-transporting block and N-phenylbenzimidazole as the electron-transporting block hybridized through the saturated bridge center (C9) and(More)
A series of novel functional carbazole (Cbz)-based carboxylated monomers were synthesized and characterized. A Clauson-Kaas procedure, a deprotection step, amide coupling, and hydrolysis were utilized as key chemical reactions towards the multistep synthesis of monomers in good to excellent isolated yields. The design strategy was further extended to(More)
In this study, we synthesized and characterized a series of spirobifluorene-based bipolar compounds (D2 ACN, DNPACN, DNTACN, and DCzACN) in which a dicyano-substituted biphenyl branch, linked orthogonally to a donor biphenyl branch bearing various diarylamines, acted as an acceptor unit allowing fine-tuning of the morphological stability, triplet energy,(More)
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