Eivind J. Nordby

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When designing a software module or system, a systems engineer must consider and differentiate between how the system responds to external and internal errors. External errors cannot be eliminated and must be tolerated by the system, while the number of internal errors should be minimized and the faults they result in should be detected and removed. This(More)
Semantic aspects of programming have been studied in academia for many years as a means to achieve higher software quality. It is not clear to which extent these have been accepted in programming industry. Therefore, we made a case study of an industrial project using a checklist of quality criteria speci cally produced for this study. The results from the(More)
We have studied the design documentation for two industrial software modules to see if they apply ideas corresponding to contracts, as introduced by Bertrand Meyer, either in an intuitive or in a formal way. They did not, and we identified this fact to be a potential risk factor. This paper presents one of the modules studied, consisting of a sequence of(More)
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