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Data are presented on the 43 people who died over a 22-year follow-up period of a cohort of 128 heroin addicts drawn in 1969 from the newly opened London clinics. The main causes of death were drug-related, with 18 deaths specifically determined as due to overdose, of which the great majority were among people being prescribed opiates at the time. The(More)
The frequency of the use of coping behavior by wives of alcoholics was found to be related to their husband's drinking outcome. In general, a high frequency of coping behavior was associated with a poor outcome, but some components of coping behavior were more likely than others to be linked with a poor prognosis.
One-hundred husbands, diagnosed as suffering from alcoholism, and their wives, were followed up twelve months after initial consultation and assessment. Follow-up information was complete in 89 cases. On the basis of both husband and wife accounts of the husband's drinking behaviour during the follow-up period, and their assessment of the drinking problem(More)