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Video communication is being popular by spreading broadband networks. Realization of this kind of communications is important to deploy IPv6. However, many almost of commercial video conference systems do not work in IPv6 networks. We developed an application gateway called as "PTGATE" to extend available scenes of video conferences. PTGATE has three(More)
SUMMARY A Wireless Sensor Network has sensor nodes which have limited computational power and memory size. Due to the nature of the network, the data is vulnerable to attacks. Thus, maintaining confidentiality is an important issue. To compensate for this problem, there are many countermeasures which utilize common or public key cryptosystems that have been(More)
In recent years, ad hoc networks have attracted a great deal of attention. Ad hoc networks consist of nodes with wireless communication devices without any base stations or fixed infrastructures. Most routing protocols of ad hoc networks form a single-path. Single-path routing protocols need to repair routes each time the route has broken. This route repair(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are an important direction for the Internet of Things. Node capture attacks are one prospective kind of attack on WSNs. To counter this attack, we have previously proposed secure decentralized data transfer. In this proposed method, it was assumed that multiple paths were in place. We also have to consider node failures when(More)