Eitan Moshe Goldman

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  • Lauren Cohen, Joshua Coval, +11 authors Tuomo Vuolteenaho
  • 2010
This paper employs a new empirical approach for identifying the impact of government spending on the private sector. Our key innovation is to use changes in congressional committee chairmanship as a source of exogenous variation in state-level federal expenditures. In doing so, we show that fiscal spending shocks appear to significantly dampen corporate(More)
This paper analyzes whether political connections of public corporations in the United States affect the allocation of government procurement contracts. The paper classifies the political affiliation of S&P 500 companies using handcollected data that detail the past political position of each of their board members. Using this classification, the study(More)
Individual differences in obsessive-compulsive (OC) behavior in various cultures correlate with religiosity. The current paper explored the so far unstudied relationship between religiosity and OC behavior in Israeli Jews. Two studies were conducted. Study 1 focused on the relationship between religiosity and OC behavior in a representative sample of(More)
In this paper we take a portfolio approach to analyze the investment strategy of a venture capitalist (VC), and study the optimal size of a VC’s portfolio. We show that portfolio size and scope a¤ect the incentives of both entrepreneurs to exert e¤ort and VCs to make start-up speci…c investment. A small portfolio improves entrepreneurial incentives because(More)
We analyze the effect of initial public offerings (IPOs) on industry competitors and provide evidence that companies experience negative stock price reactions to completed IPOs in their industry and positive stock price reactions to their withdrawal. Following a successful IPO in their industry, they show significant deterioration in their operating(More)
In this paper we offer an explanation for the empirical anomaly that most raiders do not acquire the maximum possible toehold prior to announcing a takeover bid. By endogenously modeling the target value following an unsuccessful takeover we demonstrate that a raider may optimally choose to acquire a small toehold even if the toehold acquisition does not(More)
Closed-end funds have been a topic of interest among academics and professionals on five counts. First, they tend to sell above their net asset value at their commencement. Second, they start selling at a discount within a year. Third, this discount is volatile but mean-reverting. Fourth, the news of open-ending a fund reduces the discount although some(More)
Does the stock market consider lobbying expenditures to be a value-enhancing investment for firms? Is there truth to the popular view that lobbying adds value by facilitating corruption? In 2006, top lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to the bribery of government officials, which generated intense scrutiny of corruption in the lobbying process. Using(More)