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Ancient DNA sequencing has recently provided high-coverage archaic human genomes. However, the evolution of epigenetic regulation along the human lineage remains largely unexplored. We reconstructed the full DNA methylation maps of the Neandertal and the Denisovan by harnessing the natural degradation processes of methylated and unmethylated cytosines.(More)
A surface-active aqueous solution was foamed up a glass column, removed, collapsed, and returned as down-coming liquid to drain countercurrently against the rising foam. This deliberate refluxing action greatly increased the degree of separation of the surfactant over that obtainable without reflux. The effects of altering the gas rate and the solute(More)
We propose a spectral imaging method for piecewise "macropixel" objects, which allows a regular digital camera to be converted into a digital snapshot spectral imager by equipping the camera with only a disperser and a demultiplexing algorithm. The method exploits a "multiplexed spectrum" intensity pattern, i.e., the superposition of spectra from adjacent(More)
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