Eisuke Sakai

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1. We investigated the inhibitory effect of KB-R7943 on 'bi-directional' Na+/Ca2+ exchange current (iNCX) with the reversal potential of iNCX (ENCX) in the middle of the ramp voltage pulse employed. 2. Bi-directional iNCX was recorded with 'full' ramp pulses given every 10 s from the holding potential of -60 mV over the voltage range between 30 and -150 mV(More)
Experiencing daily brief periods of unrestricted vision during early monocular form deprivation prevents or reduces the degree of resulting amblyopia. To gain insight into the neural basis for these "protective" effects, we analyzed the monocular and binocular response properties of individual neurons in the primary visual cortex (V1) of macaque monkeys(More)
We investigated effects of a novel cardioprotective drug, JTV-519 (4-[3-(4-benzylpiperidin-1-yl)propionyl]-7-methoxy-2,3,4,5-tetrahy dro-1,4-benzothiazepine monohydrochloride) on membrane currents of guinea pig ventricular myocytes by whole-cell voltage and current clamp methods. The fast Na+ current (iNa) was activated by ramp pulses from various holding(More)
To achieve diversity with a single antenna, a fractional sampling (FS) scheme in OFDM has been investigated. In addition, to obtain more diversity gain through FS, a sampling point selection (SPS) scheme has been proposed. However, it requires a large number of multiplication operations for the SPS. This leads to large power consumption and costs for(More)
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