Eisuke Masada

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The consecutive pulse power demand of the high speed transportation systems like Shinkansen, gives deteriorative influences to the power supply system and increases its operational costs. To cope with this problem, it has been studied to install the superconducting magnetic energy storage system (SMES) in railway substations. However, the scale of(More)
The installation of renewable energy sources based generators such as photovoltaic cells and wind turbines require energy storage systems(ESSs) to control power fluctuation. ESSs, however, are quite expensive. In order to reduce the necessary capacity of ESSs for microgrid applications, the control of heat pumps is researched. In this research, basic(More)
Microgrid is one of the solutions to supply stable electrical power with a large amount of intermittent renewable sources. However, efficiency of DGs and ESSs in microgrid might drop to a lower value because of microgrid operation, and there is a possibility that the convenience of a consumer may be spoiled. This paper shows a load forecast method and an(More)
In order to maintain both the stable system operation and supply power quality in a micro grid, a model system is studied on the coordinate control operation between a power converter based distributed generation and a conventional rotating machine. The performances of the micro grid are verified by simulation studies
In a steel making process, there is a requirement to improve the quality of products. A noncontacting conveyance system of a steel plate has been studied as one oi the solutions to realize such a reqnirement[l]. To make the total system simple, we proposed a combined lift and propulsion system of a steel plate by linear induction motors[2]. Because the(More)
A power control method to compensate power fluctuation of the load in the microgrid systems is proposed and discussed. Active power responses of several kinds of distributed power generation systems (DGs) such as gas engine, micro gas turbine, etc., energy storage system, and load fluctuation of a site have been measured. Based on the measurements,(More)
The paper is concerned with new resonant converter configurations, belonging to the previously published dual channel dc-dc converter family. On one hand, the new configurations solve a significant shortcoming of the original ones, namely, the output midpoint potential was floating in comparison with the input midpoint. This caused a high-frequency(More)
-The hybrid control system, which is a combination of cascade control and local control, is proposed as a method to compensate power fluctuations caused by load and renewable energy sources in a microgrid with distributed power generation systems(DGs). The use of energy storage system(ESS) such as EDLC facilitates power compensation. However, since the(More)
A noncontacting steel plate conveyance system using the transverse flux linear induction motor (TFLIM) is studied. The steel plate makes up the secondary of TFLIM. A combined control principle of levitation and propulsion for TFLIM is proposed. The output capacity of the power converter for control is limited by its maximum current, but the performance of(More)
The authors have been carrying out a preliminary study on the design of microgrid. Designing microgrid includes selection and capacity determination of power supply devices according to their response characteristics, efficiency and initial cost, and development of methods for integrated control to maintain power quality and efficiency. Both design and(More)